our mission on sustainability

Giving the brands you love the aftercare they deserve! 

Cleaning our way through a £10 billion industry! Our mission here at revive sneaker laundry is to help cut down on landfill waste by encouraging people to look after there sneakers by getting them cleaned. Each year millions of shoes end up at landfill some of which can take hundreds of years to decompose leaving harmful chemicals in the air.
By cleaning and looking after your footwear, your keeping landfill waste down and contributing towards a cleaner environment. Shoes are a product of everyday use with almost 20 billion pairs sold worldwide, most of these get chucked out into landfill and some of them get donated to better causes like helping your local homeless charities or organisations from around the world, by doing this it prolongs the life of the shoe and gives the environment that better chance of cleaner air.
With footwear brands increasingly under pressure to cut down on waste and create more environmentally friendly materials, we are here to contribute towards there success by helping out and encouraging you to clean your shoes. Give them that extra few years of life before chucking them away.

If you have any unwanted shoes that you’d like to donate, drop us a message and we’d love to help point you in the right direction. We can clean your unwanted items and donate them to local charities or organisations around the world. Thus helping not only save the environment but also giving somone in need that comfort and love we all know and share when wearing fresh footwear!
Want to help combat the world of fast fashion and sustainability 1 clean at a time? click the contact us form below.